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About Us

When you step into a pair of Freed of London dance shoes, your feet touch history, experience and expertise. Freed of London's dance shoes have been worn by the greatest dancers since the 1920s and are still worn by the leading dancers, companies and schools around the world. Freed of London is not only synonymous with ballet and Pointe Shoes. The Company also makes shoes for ballroom, Latin, stage and screen, tap, jazz and character, in addition to making garments, dance attire and tights and is the approved manufacturer of uniform for the Royal Academy of Dance. Over 90% of all Freed of London products are manufactured in England, with over 150,000 pairs of Pointe Shoes being handmade every year. Freed is the leading supplier of bespoke Pointe Shoes, handmade to perfectly fit dancers feet. As official suppliers to many of the world's leading Ballet Companies and Schools, Ballroom and Latin Champions, and Stage Shows. Freed of London is proud to have made shoes for many of the best dancers, including Margot Fonteyn, Sylvie Guillem, Darcy Bussell, Carla Fracci, Viviana Durante, Alessandra Ferri, Suzanne Farrell, Michael Flatley, Timothy Howson, Joanne Bolton-Hawkins, Christopher Hawkins, Luca and Loraine Baricchi, Karen Hardy and her Strictly Come Dancing Champion partner Mark Ramprakash, and for Moira Shearer in The Red Shoes, and Natalie Portman in The Black Swan.

The history of Chacott started in 1950 in a period of time after the war when Mr. Makoto Tsuchiya found a pair of worn out pointe shoes in front of a shoe store. He dreamed of his future in the ballet and dance business. He had worked as a publisher of a movie magazine prior to this, started studying and creating pointe shoes, and brought them to ballet companies by himself. The business was successful and growing as he established a company called Swan shoes, in 1961. Renamed to Chacott Co., Ltd. in 1974 its new brand name was launched with images that remain consistent through the present. Nowadays, Chacott owns 31 directly-managed stores and is one of the top leading companies of ballet and dance manufacturers as well as retailers. Chacott does this by producing pointe shoes, leotards, costumes and cosmetics for ballet, yoga, ballroom dance, rhythmic gymnastics and much more. Chacott set up dance studios which are beloved, expanding their business year after year. Chacott and Freed of London, another world famous pointe shoe maker, are also in a business relationship, and by cooperation have been expanding overseas business, since 1987. Throughout their over 60 year long history, Chacott has kept its policy "Live along with art/culture". Chacott has welcomed many famous dancers such as Margot Fonteyn, a British Prima top ballerina, Yoko Morishita & Tetsutaro Shimizu, Vladimir Malakhov, and many have given love to Chacott and lent their support to make for TV commercials, catalogues and produce collaborative ballet garments. Chacott has become a worldwide well-known dance company, and Sylvie Guillem, Manuel Legris, Nina Ananiashvili as well as many more dancers stop by Chacott stores and give their compliments every time they come to Japan.